About Us

The Afro Beauty Company is an online store selling high quality natural, organic and vegan brands for men, women and children with curly and textured hair types. The brands we stock, care about the ingredients they use to help you with your healthy hair journey.

Our aim is to provide you with great brands to choose from as well as knowledge and advice to make better informed decisions when buying your hair products. To get hair advice for your hair concerns, book a #CurlChat to have a consultation.

We want to assist and help you as much as possible with your hair needs. This is why our motto is "your journey, is our journey."

The Afro Beauty Company was founded by Diane. After cutting all her hair off, she was frustrated by the lack of options and places to go for great products and advice under one roof. She found that the majority of retailers did not understand her hair type and quickly came to realise that this was a shared experience for many others too. Her desire for healthy hair mixed with her passion to change the narrative of what's currently available under a single roof, birthed The Afro Beauty Company.

We hope you enjoy the products and services we provide and look forward to being on this hair journey with you!